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What is Owned Media?

Owned media is any media or activity generated on communications channels that you control.  For instance, your blog posts are owned media because your blog is part of your website (which you own). But so are the tweets on your business’s Twitter account, even though you don’t own Twitter. On the contrary, ads you pay for on Facebook are not considered owned media (by virtue of having paid for them, they fall under the category of paid media).

Why does this matter?

Because people view media in particular ways depending on where it is generated — and more importantly, who generates it. This fine distinction is what ultimately determines how effective a certain type of media (owned, paid, or earned) is at driving brand success.

No business should be without owned media. The only problem is other types of media are often mistaken for owned media, leading to wasted time, wasted money, and loads of overall confusion. With our help, avoiding this is easy.

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The Benefits

Owned Media is built for longer relationships with existing or potential customers and earned media. Benefits include, but are not limited to control, cost efficiency, longevity, versatility, and niche audiences. Here are some of the benefits of owned media:

  • Full control and discretion over content published. You decide what, when and how to publish your content.
  • Extends your own brand. This is critical reason to build and distribute content marketing on your own platforms. If you publish your content elsewhere first, ensure that you retain permission to post it on your own website later.
  • Tends to have a smaller reach compared to third party media (unless you’re an influencer or a top brand). Build your housefile to ensure that you can contact your prospects and audience if other options are closed for reasons beyond your control.
  • Encompasses any information created by your organization. This includes website, blog, catalog, email newsletters, magazines, product manuals, employee handbooks and investor relations.

The Advantages

Built for long-term relationships with existing and potential consumers (and the earning of media) there are advantages that come with owned media. Since there are many factors involved, it cannot be guaranteed challenges will not arise.

  • Attract potential leads and convert them into customers. Get people to your business so that you can encourage them to purchase from your firm.
  • Offer platform to build thought leadership and branding, which support lead generation and sales.
  • Aids your purchase process before, during and after the sale. Provides information that prospects and customers need.
  • Supports your search marketing efforts. Optimize owned content to attract search engines.
  • Provides a home base for your content. Consumers consider a blog your social media home base